The Brand

 BITA Jewellery, was founded and inspired by the desire to empower woman to embrace their uniqueness and live each day with intension. BITA, a Persian name that means Unique. This name was chosen as it perfectly represents the mission behind the brand.
To make you feel confident, empowered and unique.  
We believe that the jewellery pieces we choose to wear on a daily basis, contributes a lot to how we want to feel and present ourselves to the world. 
At BITA Jewellery, our aim is to bring together a collection of timeless and high quality pieces that will allow you to put together looks based upon your own unique style. Jewellery that can withstand the test of time, can be worn everyday and accentuate any style.
We hope that you enjoy browsing through our range of collection.

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.