At BITA Jewellery, all of our pieces are polished and coated with 18k gold plating onto the surface of a highly strong & durable base metal called stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a premium material that is resistant to rust and ensures quality standards last, making it great for everyday wear. It is much harder and long lasting compared to other base metals such as copper and brass.

Base metals such as copper and brass have the tendency to easily tarnish and oxidise, as it reacts with the sweat and oils from your body, leaving you with not only irritated green skin but also pieces that can never be worn again. 

At BITA Jewellery, however, we pride ourself with our dedication and commitment to providing the best quality jewellery to our customers. We do this by bringing together a collection of high quality and timeless pieces that are waterproof, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.

This means that you can wear our pieces in water and while exercising, without having to remember taking it off. Our pieces are also great for those with sensitive skin as it will not turn your skin green or cause any irritation. However, we would recommend you limit the use of perfumes and chemicals on your BITA Jewellery to ensure longevity of the gold plating.

For how to best take care of your BITA Jewellery pieces, please visit our jewellery care page.